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How to overcome your limiting beliefs

Did you enjoy listening to stories as a child? Maybe you loved fairy tales or fantasies. Perhaps you were into sci-fi or action adventures. Those types of stories can enrich our lives and fill us with wonder. However, there are other types of stories that can be damaging to our psyche- the limiting beliefs we […]

5 Steps to leave work at work

It’s six o’clock and you’re ready to leave the office for the day. However, as soon as you get in the car/on the train, your mind starts racing with all of the things you still have to do for work, the bad meeting you had, the unhappy client, etc. Therefore, how do you leave work […]

How to set priorities in 6 steps

Does your daily life support your priorities? Do you even know what your priorities truly are? When you sit down and really think about it, you might be surprised to discover that your real priorities are not what you originally thought. Furthermore, you might think you know what is important, but aren’t living a life to […]

Family command center for busy moms

Who has a perfectly organized home? If you answered no, then you need a secret weapon to organize all of your stuff- the family command center. If you answered yes, then I would love to hear YOUR secrets! Anyhoo, nobody likes to look at stacks of paper or scribbled notes thrown haphazardly on the counter. […]