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Family command center for busy moms

We all need a little help with organizing right?  Nobody likes to look at stacks of paper or scribbled notes thrown haphazardly on the counter.  At some point along the way, school papers get tangled with mail ads and magazines merge with bills.  That is unless you have a secret (or not so secret) weapon to organize all of that- the family command center.  This amazing super tool has the power to organize everything you need and can be customized for your environment.  It has helped me out in many ways and can work for your family too!

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How to create a family command center

  1. Location, location, location– Find a central location that is convenient for everyone. You don’t want to use a remote area of the house that no one sees every day.  Think a wall in the living room, corner of the kitchen, entryway, mudroom/laundry room on the first floor, etc.  Everyone has a space that can be converted to a command center.
    family command center
    My family command center wall in my kitchen.
  2. You don’t need a lot of space– Don’t worry if you only have a three foot square space of empty wall or a tiny corner in the main living area.  Any space will work, as long as you have a plan.  My family command center is on a 3 foot by 8 foot wall in my kitchen that has to stay pretty flat on the wall or else everyone will bump into it, but it works great for us, especially since I don’t have counter space for organizing.
  3. Decide on your main goals for the space– I know it’s fun to find pretty boxes, baskets, etc., but you must figure out your main objectives first.  Do you want a better spot for papers or a place to park your children’s backpacks?  Do you want to display weekly menus or notes?  Maybe you need a place for the family calendar.  Make sure your intention is set before buying all of the cute containers.
    family command center
    My convenient pen and pencil caddy.
  4. Determine the main categories for the space– Once your main goals are established, then you can figure out what categories your family needs.  For example, my family command center wall has a space for pens/pencils, our family mission statement, a weekly inspirational quote, dry erase board, school papers, magazines, papers to file and clipboards for my girls’ important papers.  Obviously, you will have your own categories that work for your family.
    family command center
    A simple homemade dry erase board and purchased wall organizer.
  5. Each child should have their own organizer– This can be a drawer, box, clipboard, etc.  They just need some place to park their things that don’t have a home, like this family.
    family command center
    My girls each have a clipboard that they painted to hang their papers.
  6. Appearance counts– Yes, in this case, it’s all about the looks.  You want to be inspired to keep things neat and tidy.  Especially when the family command center is visible for everyone to see.  You want a calm, appealing space that fits your décor.  Luckily there are many adorable organizers out there to choose from.  Or you can create or repurpose your own if your crafty.  Also, you can add a quote, photos or artwork to help the area mesh with the rest of the house.  We developed a family mission statement, so I added that to the display.
    family command center
    Our family mission statement and inspirational quote.
  7. Learn from others– I scoured the internet to find ideas for my command center wall, as I had no idea where to start.  Don’t be afraid to take someone else’s idea and make it fit your own style!  That’s why people post their ideas.  Here are some ideas to get you started: corner nook, vertical wall, horizontal wall, minimal command center.
  8. Your family command center will morph with time– And that’s okay.  It doesn’t have to be a static thing that never changes.  It can change with your family’s changing needs, especially as your children get older.

A selection of organizers that can help you along the way:

With these simple ideas to produce your own family command center, you can become more organized and banish the clutter!  No more chaotic environment leading to a chaotic life.  With a little thought and work, you will find that you have more time available to find your joy and to enjoy your family.

Joyful thought for the day, “Clutter is not just the stuff on the floor- it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.”- Peter Walsh

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